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Create your unique fragrance/aroma to evoke the essence of your business

As well as creating the New Forest Aromatics, Debbie Mulkern runs a consultancy which  designs and manufactures, bespoke, aromatic products for spas, hotels and natural aromatic companies.

We use the same high quality, natural, ethical ingredients as in the New Forest Aromatics products.

Debbie’s expertise is in creating beautifully scented, natural products, that reflect the specific intentions you have for you product range. She can help you develop a feeling, a mood or therapeutic quality that really make your products stand out.

We can design and manufacture the following natural products:

Essential oil blends, Massage oil, Body oil, Body scrub, Body Butter, Hand Wash, Shower Gel,

Candles, Room diffuser, Lip balms, Bath Salt, Body Lotion, Conditioner, Shampoo

Roller Scent, Laundry Liquid, Pillow Spray


We may be able to design and manufacture other products not listed so please ask…

  • Finest Quality Natural Ingredients
  • Small volumes
  • New Forest Marque accredited
  • Hand-Blended and Bottled
  • Ethically Sourced from Sustainable Resources, Cruelty Free
  • Free From Synthetic Colours, Preservative Free
  • We can organise safety assessments (CPSR) from an external assessor, UKCP notification, labelling advice etc

Projects include Senspa at Carey’s Manor (,

Total Wardrobe Care London ( Debbie’s original project for TWC was to create natural blends for their  natural moth deterrent range but more recently she developed a natural laundry liquid for them.  The new laundry liquid is composed of their signature May Chang blend, providing consistent, natural moth protection for your delicate clothes between washes. See the range here.

Anne Jones Collection (, New Earth Works (

Urban Goddess

Debbie has also developed a range for The Pavilions, a 5* eco resort in Nepal –The Pavilions Himalayas Eco Resort

Qutis Advanced Skin Clinics

Halsa Wellbing -( Debbie developed bespoke gifts for their Well Being Services including a Sleep Balm and a Harmony Balm.

Wisp Balm In 2018 Debbie created a new product under license for Help4Heroes,  – it all started when John Geden an Army veteran turned beekeeper met with injured veterans at the Help For Heroes recovery centre at Tidworth in Wiltshire. He quickly realised that the answer to their discomfort from wearing prosthetic limbs lay within his beehives. He knew that the combination of beeswax, honey and the powerful healing provided by propolis could be made into a skin balm to alleviate their soreness. A mutual friend introduced him to Debbie who turned his idea and early prototypes into a natural and soothing balm to heal any damaged skin with the added bonus that we donate a third of the profits to Help For Heroes, the place it all started..! This in turn led to us making Help4Heroes Lip Balm for their web shop, where both the Wisp Balm and the Lip Balms are part of the Veteran Ventures Collection showcases a range of products from veteran businesses.  Buying a Veteran Ventures product not only helps support a veteran-owned business but profits to the Charity provide vital support to even more veterans and their families.

Braido Organics Debbie, with the wonderful Kristina and Maria from Braido in Sweden, has developed six products for their range for ‘pregnancy, birth and beyond.’ Check out their website for more details

The Menopause Boutique – a website which brings “everything menopause – all in one place” .  Debbie consulted on The Menopause Boutique project to design well being blends for the Menopause Boutique.


Please contact us if you would like further information about Debbie’s work or to discuss creating a signature range of products.

Phone: 01590 622422
Email: [email protected]



Julia Dee, Director of Total Wardrobe Care

10 years ago I wanted to find a lovely anti moth smell using all natural ingredients. I tried experimenting with lots of herbs myself and everything smelt like cats wee!  By a lucky chance I was introduced to Debbie, I gave her the long list of natural herbs that have been used historically to repel moths. She then worked her alchemy and came up with three amazing fragrances for me to choose as my hero scent and the May Chang blend was born. Two further fabulous combinations have come along since a Cedarwood blend and a Vetivert blend.

From inception to design and then manufacture Debbie has been knowledgeable and a source of inspiration. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her company.


Kristina and Maria of Braido Organics  say “One weekend in January 2020, we spent time talking and visualising our six pure essential oils scents with Debbie, who soon afterwards started blending and developing them for us. She understood exactly what we wanted and the collaboration has been an amazing journey.”


When Qutis Clinics underwent a rebranding process, we felt that we needed a fragrance that would represent calm and healing. So we ran a team building day for our employees and Debbie conducted a fragrance workshop in which we all contributed and under Debbie’s guidance, designed The Qutis Scent.  Nowadays this scent surrounds our clinical treatment rooms in a fragrance that says “safe in the hands of the Qutis Team. Thank you Debbie. Marea Brennan Thorns, Director, Qutis Clinics 


“Working with Debbie and her team to create the Urban Goddess range was an absolute dream – she is so knowledgeable about the oils and what they can achieve, and the regulatory formalities felt like a piece of cake with her by my side. New Forest Aromatics has helped me realize my vision of creating a small business that empowers women with the help of Mother Nature. Future generations depend on people like Debbie, who can create sustainable products that allow us to live resilient, healthy and sustainable lives.” Kristina Turner, Director, Urban Goddess, Sweden.



From Insuba and Douglas Maclagan – Owners of Pavilions Himalaya

“The Pavilions Himalayas is a unique resort nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, just outside Pokhara, the gateway to the Annapurna and Manasalu mountain ranges. The natural beauty and its elements, the calm and peace of the area is something rarely found on earth. For us at the Pavilions, it is a must for our guests to experience this in all we do and come to a state of full refreshment and relaxation. To achieve this, we asked Debbie at New Forest Aromatics to create something special to achieve this and to invigorate the senses and well-being of our guests at The Pavilions.

Debbie made two trips out to Nepal to work with us and to teach us how to select & use local herbs, flowers and plants to create local smells and fragrances for our products. It was an amazing experience to have rhododendron in our essential oils and shower gels for example. A unique smell but all from our neighbourhood and surrounding areas. The hand and body lotions are also produced on site, and our guests love them. Another unique product is the special natural paper soap only produced for our resort in Nepal. One drop of water on the tiny paper soap and it makes a wonderful lather to clean your hands with a beautiful fragrance and softness to your hands.

Working with Debbie was not only fun, but New Forest Aromatics (NFA) really have left something very special behind for us and our guests. The comments of the effort we have put into the detail of our in-room amenities has been superb, and which is another factor that pushes The Pavilions Himalayas amongst the very best destinations to visit in Nepal and Asia. There is no doubt that NFA has helped The Pavilions Himalayas and its architect, Alex Shrestha to be nominated one of four finalists for the AHDA 2016 (Asian Hotel Design Awards:

Many thanks Debbie and all at New Forest Aromatics for providing us a superb service and unique products!


“When I decided to go down the road of creating my own wellbeing products for The Menopause Boutique, I knew very little about aromatherapy.  I had an idea in my mind and when I first met Debbie in 2020, I knew she was the right person, her friendliness and passion for helping women won me over immediately.

Working with Debbie and her amazing team has been a wonderful journey for me, I have learned so much from Debbie and with her enthusiasm and dedication she has created a beautiful range of aromatherapy oils to help women with their menopause journey.

Debbie’s knowledge of essential oils is exceptional and we tried and tested until we designed the perfect blends. New Forest Aromatics certainly went the extra mile for me, I knew so little about the process of creating a product and they were there every step of the way. Thank you Debbie for all your support and guidance and I look forward to creating more products in the future”


We have had a really positive experience working with Debbie. She is readily available to offer advice and support. She really understands each brief and develops our ideas into beautiful products. Her knowledge of essential oils is outstanding, and I would recommend her to anyone who is wanting to learn more about aromatherapy or developing products.


“A few years ago, I was inspired to create a Transformation blend whilst
meditating. I own a day spa (Urban Oasis in Debenhams) and I wanted an
essence to encapsualte the energy of my business and the journey of
transformation that a customer experiences when they visit us. As I
held the intention of these products I allowed the words to flow through
me that I felt I could use to describe what I was hoping to manifest in
the products. I sent this list to Debbie and she managed to interpret
my scribblings and capture the essence perfectly. We settled on a blend
that is a mix of ‘ancient’ oils as I wanted a link in the oils to the
energy of Egypt and some lighter notes including lemon that I had
requested be included. Debbie has an incredible gift to listen and tune
into the customers needs in the broadest sense and feel into the vision
that you are intending. Once Debbie had created the unique blend the
service that she offered was amazing. I have found working with Debbie
a joy and you know exactly where you are at every step of the way, from
quotes, to design, to packaging and sharing ideas, to delivery, the
whole service is spot on.
Debbie is so knowledgable and friendly and I am delighted with my small
but perfectly formed exclusive spa range of Transformation products. I
look forward to working with Debbie on expanding this in the future and
I wish her every success in her business.” – Martha Brophy , Director, Urban Oasis Spa