Creating a Bespoke Perfume

When we wear a perfume, we are sharing this scent with the world around us, creating our own unique aromatic message or statement. A scent can say so much about who we are or what we want to project to others.

Most commercial perfumes available on the market contain a combination of synthetic and natural ingredients. They are designed to create a scent that we are drawn to, or to evoke a feeling, or to provoke a reaction and make a statement about who we are, or who we aspire to be like.

In my consultancy, I only use essential oils and natural ingredients to create my perfumes. Essential oils work on many different levels, their properties affect us, mind, body and spirit. Their unique qualities can also evoke a feeling or memory and they have the added advantage that they can also enhance mood, emotions and our general well-being. By choosing your own unique blend for your perfume, you can personalise your scent to include qualities and feelings that you would like to enhance in yourself and create this feeling in the space around you.

A bespoke natural perfume can be created for lots of different occasions or purposes, a perfume for a wedding, an anniversary, or for a special birthday.

I have designed perfumes for writers, to help them get into the creative flow, or for people to use when public speaking, or in front of audiences to help boost confidence. I have also created seasonal scents, and everyday or evening perfumes. The choice is yours and the big question I ask during the consultation is what do you want your perfume to say about you?

After filling out your consultation form, I will help you to start to slowly build a fragrant picture. You smell each individual scent without knowing what it is first, so to avoid any preconceived ideas you have about scents you like or don’t like.
During the session, we create three separate accords (combinations), containing top notes, middle notes and base notes, before combining these together. Your perfume evolves throughout the session, and you get to tweak and refine the scent at each stage to create a final scent. Once you are happy with your fragrance it is then added to our natural alcohol and water base to complete your unique 50ml bottle of eau de toilette, to take home with you.

This session takes two hours and is a wonderfully affirming and holistic process. You can name your finished perfume and I keep a record of the final formulation if you would like to order again in the future.

This session makes a wonderful gift or treat for a loved one, or to treat yourself.

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