Creating Pavilions Himalaya Signature Scent

1iiAll of the essential oils used are from plants grown in Nepal

RHODODENDRON – the national flower of Nepal had to be included in our signature range. Its mountain blooms in Spring are stunning. Its essential oil has a sweet, floral, green, earthy scent and it is known in Nepal for its spiritually balancing and harmonising qualities. For the body it is soothing to tired and achy muscles and joints.

HIMALAYAN FIR – green, woody and fresh, like breathing in that beautiful mountain air

MOUNTAIN JUNIPER – clearing, uplifting and revitalising

MOUNTAIN CEDAR –a calming and fortifying scent

LEMONGRASS – synonymous with both Nepali cuisine and natural medicine. Citrus zing, wonderful natural bug repellent and digestive, I knew it had to go in to various products.

SUGANDHARA KOKILA– a type of cinnamon berry that grows in the mountains, this wonderful oil has a warming, spiciness, which reminded me of the scent of dal baht and Nepali chutneys that complement the food so well. A fabulous analgesic oil to relieve muscle pain, inflammation and to stimulate circulation, great after sports or trekking the mountains.

CORNMINT- Grows abundantly in Nepal – adds a cool minty freshness.

BASIL – Uplifting, refreshing and clearing

This blend is a wonderful tonic for massage after trekking the Himalayas.

It includes essential oils of mountain eucalyptus and juniper, plus ginger and sugandhara kokila to warm and relieve tired muscles and joints and improve circulation.

Sugandhara Kokila – This mountain berry is a fabulous analgesic oil to relieve muscle pain, inflammation and to stimulate circulation, great after sports or trekking the mountains.

A harmonising and meditative blend to soothe both mind and body.

It includes spikenard, palmarosa, chamomile and cedar.

Spikenard – also known as jatamansi is a traditional mountain herb used in Ayurvedic treatments. The essential oil comes from its root and is deeply grounding. meditative and soothes anxieties and stress.

Palmarosa– is a rosy scented grass that relieves anxiety and tension, soothing, healing and regenerating to the skin, body and mind.

I created this scent using known local insect repellent plants to deter mosquitoes including lemongrass, mint, eucalyptus and zanthoxylum.

3iiZanthoxylum – The essential oil is extracted from the berries of this native shrub, known for its analgesic and bug repelling properties – a great addition to any mosquito repelling blend.

The Bugs Away scent is great in candles and body oil and is especially useful at sundown when mosquitos are most active!

The base oil for the Pavilions spa massage oils is a combination of Apricot and the native Dhatelo oils which come from trees and shrubs that grow throughout Nepal. Dhatelo oil comes from the seeds of a mountain shrub and is regenerating and moisturising for the skin.

Pavilions Himalaya also asked me if I could source natural candles – not paraffin of course! I have only made soya and beeswax candles previously, but was so excited when I discovered that Himalayan Biotrade could source Chiuri butter (from the nut of a native tree) to make candles. They combine this with beeswax and Pavilions Signature and Bugs Away blends to make totally natural, eco candles scented candles.

4iiThese candles are made in little terracotta pots – which are also refillable.

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