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Luxury Body Oil

Our luxury body oil comes in three different scents: WARM HUG, Revive and True Bliss.

These products were originally created after a couple of fabulous massage therapists, Sarah and Heather approached me to ask if I could make essential oil massage blends that they could use with their clients and that their clients could also use at home. They both said they would like something uplifting, something deeply relaxing and something for tired or aching muscles.

So, I created these three blends:


A soothing scent to aid deep relaxation, meditation and tranquillity. Also, deeply nourishing for the skin, especially mature skins.

A luxurious blend of jasmine, frankincense, vetiver, clary sage and sandalwood

(also contains mandarin, bergamot, geranium, ho wood, coconut oil, avocado, perilla seed oil, sesame, Vit E and sunflower oils)


A warming scent to ease tired muscles and joints. Also, great to warm the bones after exercise or a cold, damp, dog walk.

An invigorating blend of ginger, juniper, arnica, cardamom, rosemary

(also contains marjoram, lemon myrtle, lavender, oil, perilla seed oil, sesame, Vit E and sunflower oils)


An uplifting scent to revitalise your body and mind. Great to use when you need to relax but also feel uplifted and renewed.

A delicious blend of bergamot, lime, mint, may chang and lemongrass. (this is the same scent as our ‘Mint, Lime and Lemongrass Hand & Body Lotion)

(also contains marshmallow root oil, perilla seed oil, sesame, Vit E and sunflower oils)

Used by:

Great to use at home as a body oil to nourish and moisturise the skin, or to give a loved one a special massage to feel great and breathe in these beautiful aromas. Also used by massage therapists in their treatments.

‘My clients love them and they make the whole massage experience that much more nurturing and pampering.’

Heather McGee

Available online and via local shops (Setley Ridge Farm Shop, Handmade New Forest and Stewarts Garden Centre, Christchurch).

What the therapists say:

 ‘I can’t rave enough about the quality of New Forest Aromatics. They are not your ‘bog’ standard massage oils. Filled with amazing and healing ingredients, soothing on the skin and prepared for the ‘perfect’ massage glide! I love using them as I love smelling the luscious oils on my clients with the added addition of knowing that they contain all those deeply nourishing properties. The smells are divine, my top favourites are TRUE BLISS and WARM HUG. My clients love them and they make the whole massage experience that much more nurturing and pampering. Wouldn’t use anything else now, been spoiled by the best! Ooh and to top it off a lot of the oils are sourced locally, ethically and fair trade – so it’s a feel-good factor all round.’



I have been using the Luxury Body Oils in my massage treatments and they are a joy to use. High quality oils with the most amazing aromatic fragrances. I used Warm Hug during the winter months to enhance the effects of a calming and relaxing massage,especially when a client needed an extra emotional ‘hug’. Also fantastic for post exercise bodies too. Revive is great for when a client has to get back to normal life after a treatment as it lifts the mind and spirits with its uplifting fragrance. I have been using True Bliss in my head and facial massages, to ensure that the treatments are totally relaxing and pampering. I’m so happy to have found these beautiful oils to enhance my work.



Available in 100ml Retail sizes and Professional use sizes (please contact us for details).

Warning: They are safe to use for most people but avoid during pregnancy and for people with specific allergens and contra-indications. Do not use on broken or infected skin.

Luxury Body Oils

Great to use after a soak in the bath with one of our Luxury Bath Foams:

Made with our organic bath foam base containing natural foaming ingredients, aloe vera juice and botanical extracts but of course contains no parabens, no sls or sles.







Or why not really treat yourself and try one of our luxury candles in one of the same scents.







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