We aim to source as many ingredients as possible from the local area or from within the UK. Here is a list of some of these suppliers – please check them out they have some wonderful products of their own!

summer down farm

Summerdown Farm – English Mint, Organic English Lavender, Parsley & Dill.

Situated in the foothills or the Hampshire Downs, Summerdown started growing peppermint in the late 1990’s, later adding other herb crops. Once harvested, they use their onsite distillery to turn these wonderful herbs into essential oils.

summer-down-farmI visited the farm with a group of friends. It was so beautiful to be there when the lavender, mint and chamomile were in full bloom and to see how the plants are harvested and distilled onsite. It is such a special place – it was very hard to leave!

The clean, intense aroma of pure English ‘Black Mitcham’ mint is stunning and very different to the often harsh-smelling, poor quality cheap imports from China and India. It is without doubt the best peppermint oil I have ever used, I think you’ll love their aromas too!

Summerdown oils are in these products: Hampshire Peppermint Footscrub, Gardeners handcare products, Hampshire Lavender Bath Salts, all Hampshire Lavender, English Flowers, Herb Garden products, Organic Hand & Body Care products.


Sinah Common Honey dates back to 1991 when Founder John Geden first started selling honey from his front door and at markets to the local community. They currently manage two hundred colonies of bees in fifteen apiaries.  Their Hayling Island production apiaries are located within the foraging area within which Sinah Common is located and they also have bees north of Hayling Island located in the glorious Hampshire countryside bordering the Solent. At Sinah Common Honey they are

passionate about the environment and love their bees — so  care for them with great affection. All of their bees live in either natural cedar hives that are made in the UK from sustainable sources, or they live in newer polystyrene hives that have been shown to be warmer and better for the bees. They do not use any form of chemicals to fight disease or manage parasitic pests, instead they use natural remedies and modern apiary management techniques to prevent and treat where applicable.

Sinah Common Beeswax is used in all our Balm products and Propolis is used in our Wisp Balm



Cold Pressed Oil Company – Rapeseed Oil 

Cold Pressed Oil Company is based in a listed barn in the delightful Hampshire countryside.

They produce award winning Pure Extra Virgin Rapeseed Oil from seed that is grown on their farm.
By using the traditional method of Cold Pressing, they are able to extract the oil from the seed and maintain all of its natural goodness.




new forest water

New Forest Spring Water

New Forest Water proudly source and bottle natural spring water right here in the stunning and tranquil New Forest, where the water is second only to the beauty of its surroundings.

Their attention to detail and careful processes ensure that they bottle only the finest quality spring water.

New Forest Spring Water is in these products: All Room Fragrances and Body Washes


New Forest Spirits – Ringwood

Mark and Kay are the creators of New Forest Spirits’ Wyrd Gin and make each batch by hand with care and passion.

Their journey started over 20 years ago during a trip to the Oban Distillery on one of their first holidays together.  Clearly inspired by the experience, Mark declared ‘One day we should do something like this!’

The dream lay dormant for a number of years while they both pursued their careers, but it finally became a reality in 2018 when the right time came to set up their own distillery in the New Forest.

When the global pandemic struck in March 2020 here at New Forest Aromatics we put our energies into fulfilling a massive upsurge in the need for hand sanitisers. We wanted to stay true to our ethics and so worked with a local gin company who converted the alcohol they usually used to make gin into cosmetic grade alcohol suitable to use in our hand sanitisers.

lavendar and rosemary

Home Grown Lavender and Rosemary

We now grow our own lavender and rosemary both at home and on the vineyard. We dry these in our ‘chicken shed’ office and use them in our scented sachets and bath salts products.





Essential Oils and Base Products

We get our essential oils and base products from the following companies.

New Directions who are based locally in Fordingbridge, New Forest, Fragrant Earth Glastonbury, Materia Aromatica Devon, Soap Kitchen Devon,  NHR Organic Oils who specialise in, and sell exclusively certified organic essential oils and Naturally Thinking who are one of the few growers of essential oils in the UK.  They proudly manufacture and produce all of their products in Surrey, UK