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Time To Relax – Body Oil


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Time To Relax
£38.00 125ml
Our “Time To Relax” range is designed to intensively calm and soothe your mind, body and senses. The exceptionally high concentration of finest essential oils helps you to feel like you again whilst the rich oil will leave your skin looking hydrated and beautifully soft to the touch.

Crafted from a pure essential oil blend of Frankincense, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Orange, Cardamom, Sandalwood, May Chang and Benzoin.

Frankincense – meditative and harmonising. Great for stress-related conditions and relieving anxieties. Expectorant – encourages you to take a deep breath. Anti-inflammatory, healing and nourishing for dry and mature skin.
Ylang Ylang – harmonising, aphrodisiac, anti-depressant, eases hypertension and irritability, helps us to love our bodies and ourselves.
Jasmine – sensuous, uplifting and confident. Helps you to reconnect with your mind, body and soul. Promotes self-love. Great for nervous exhaustion, depression and stress. Uterine tonic eases pain and cramping.
Orange – joyful, uplifting, bursting with vitality. Helps you to let go and see the light.
Cardamom – warming, comforting, instils a sense of prosperity and encouragement, great for when you feel overburdened and overwhelmed.
Sandalwood – meditative, anti-depressant, encourages a sense of peace and warmth to mind and body.
May Chang – citrus, tropical, gentle and warming. Uplifting and joyful.
Benzoin – warms and soothes the heart, sweet, woody and calming. Good for inflammation, chills and poor circulation.


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