Personal Perfume Consultations

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Personal Perfume Consultations

Your perfume is your aromatic message to the world, it can say so much about who you are and can help you to enhance the qualities you want to express. This session is a wonderfully affirming and holistic process.

During your 2 hour consultation we will discuss your intention for your perfume and I will guide you through sampling and choosing your essential oils to make up your perfume.

Following your consultation I will finish your perfume for your final approval – and you will take home with you a 50ml bottle of your unique ‘Eau de Toilette.’

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5 reviews for Personal Perfume Consultations

  1. A

    Great experience in very relaxed surroundings. Debbie created the most exotic Middle Eastern perfume for me which receives so many compliments. Thank you!

    • admin

      Ahhh that’s great to know! You are very welcome.

  2. Anne

    Choosing the ingredients – the wonderful oils from Debbie’s amazing range of organic essential oils – was an inspiring and exciting experience for me. She led me through the fragrances of plants, trees and flowers, some familiar and some not so to arrive at a fabulous perfume that resonated totally for me and smelt divine too! Hearing the qualities of the ingredients I chose also enhanced the entire process so a great experience from start to delightfully fragrant finish! I have given vouchers to all my friends – it is a very special gift.

    • Debbie Mulkern

      Hi Anne
      Thank you so much and for the gifts to your friends too 🙂

  3. Karen

    A family member gave me a personalised perfume consultation with Debbie at New Forest Aromatics as a 50th birthday present. I couldn’t have been more delighted, as I already loved the range of Debbie’s products you can buy in local Hampshire shops, and often treat myself or a friend to one of her lovely read diffusers or candles. But this was really something very different and I spent a wonderful morning in August trying different oils to create my fragrance. It feels very special to know that no one else has the same fragrance as me, and that mine has been created by me but with the help of someone who really knows her stuff about the meanings and intentions behind the oils. I would highly recommend this as an experience for someone you love. I guarantee they will feel very pampered, as well as coming out of the session with a unique scent that’s just for them.

    • Debbie Mulkern

      Thank you Karen, it was a pleasure!

  4. Amelia Roberts

    The personalised fragrance consultation is a wonderful and memorable experience. Guided by the knowledgeable Debbie and your own intuition, the most wonderful, magical fragrance is created. The final fragrance smells absolutely beautiful and is created completely bespoke, so it really is yours and yours alone. Debbie has the most incredible knowledge of the properties of the herbs, roots, resins and flowers which make up this incredible natural fragrance and it is an absolute treat hearing her talk about each of your choices and how they might support you. The whole experience is fun and Debbie’s warmth and expertise makes this a real treat. The final fragrance is more akin to alchemy; a unique and beautiful bottle of your own magic potion.

  5. Cath

    What a truly lovely experience. Debbie took her time to help me find my way through a fantastic array of oils, and then made the perfect blend for a perfect perfume. I would definitely recommend this as a treat or a gift.

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